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UFC 214 News: Ultimate Fighting Championship, Motherboard, Start Card, Live, Streaming, Fight Card, UFC 214, Jones vs Cormier 2 encounter on 29 July 2017, Tv Coverage.UFC President Dana White Sirius at XM November 2016 It was not possible for former lightweight champion Jon Jones to ever have a base card (h / t MMA Fighting’s Dave Doyle). Nevertheless, we have only two days from UFC 214 and the most prominent rematch on the organization date.

Fight Although the UFC 202 emphasized that Conor McGregor had more accumulation, including the rematch battle he was playing against Nate Diaz, Jones II against Daniel Cormier had taken his patient to an unheard of level. The best two overweight contestants on the planet were seeing each other and following each other in and out of the octagon. But after various efforts, the saturday night manifestation will eventually end – even more unfortunate.

UFC 214 For Cormier, the UFC 214 in Anaheim, California, offers much more than title protection; It’s her heritage. The main person he misses is on the opposite side of the battlefield, hoping they will get back the belt they did not lose as a result of the war.

Every place of the past was recorded as if it were the polished climb of Jones. However, Cormier should prove to be the true champion of the lightweight actress, beating Jones, even if it is an effective title guard over Alexander Gustafsson and Anthony Johnson.

Despite the possibility of being unsuccessful, her legacy will have a reference bullet by him, countless UFC fans who call him a “fake champion”.

Reasonable or not, this is Cormier’s presence. For Jones, the winner brings him back in the guide after the hang-ups and chapters that take place outside the border.

The scene is set for the date to be made. Besides, Saturday night can not come soon.

Cormier vs Jones II: UFC 214 Winning Ratio

Cormier: +200 ($ 10 to win $ 20)

Jones: – 260 ($ 10 to win $ 5) Now is the time to fight. There must be a scrap talk between the two contestants. Is not that a privilege, McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr?

The war week’s press commitments will ensure that the two contestants will be on Saturday’s weekend, and that Cormier and Jones will not have trouble starting Wednesday’s pre-clash press conference: however, a favor left Wednesday’s tying game, only a few of Cormier’s Jones wrestling skills ‘Te was the first chance he’d fought.

Cormier, a finished college and Olympic wrestler, had never been downloaded from the Octagon until he thought Jones, whose current champion looked like a soft foot. Lately, Cormier has acknowledged that he has not made any effort to save Jones from himself, and that he is beyond reasonable doubt.

This is expected to be seen, regardless of whether Jones was commanding the war two years ago, just for the sake of reason. In any case, Cormier will have UFC 214 to verify himself. It’s good to pick Jones again in the encounter. All things considered, he never lost except the controversial exclusion of using illegal elbows against Matt Hamill in the 2009 Ultimate Fighter Finale. He showed that he could beat Cormier and understood that he was in the best physical condition of his life.

The lightweight champion Daniel Cormier will be the main fight in the UFC, which appears to be the sound of his head. At the beginning of these, Jon Jones set his rival; Jon Jones beat them a few years ago.

There are a lot of question marks stemming from the initiatives of personal life because of Jones’s inactivity. Finally, in April last year, Ovince fought against Saint Preux with a lackluster performance. It has not been active since. Cormier, on the other hand, has become the world’s best light weight.

The resume is from his amateur wrestling career or his reign as UFC champion. I went with Jones in a normal situation; However, this is not normal for Jones. I want to go here with her, but she’s getting divorced. If classic Jon Jones does not show up, Cormier wins.


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