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The MMA card of the year is upon us – and will be spearheaded by the blockbuster rematch between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones Fight in UFC 214.

The Alpha Boys team travels in one of the 160’s and opts to cut up to 145 for light snow and incense weight, fighting the entire career.

However, if you take a look at the UFC’s list of light weight names, it will be the power of Fili after the time of this release. The most expensive part of the promotion is not 155. Fili is just a mass of athletes who hesitate to compete there.

“I am going to continue the conflict like the size of Paul Felder,” said Fili, who met with Calvin Kattar at UFC 214 on Saturday night at the Honda Center. “F * ck it. I’m not against it. Or Barboza’s size. Somehow, whatever. Becerik smart, I’m going to reach everyone. However, size-wise, there’s a reason for weight classes.”

Such a coded partition is the situation of a MMA fighter who does not fit perfectly. If you do it, it is cursed, and if you do not, it is cursed, in some cases. The election is small compared to his peers, or he is interrupted and faces a heavy scary (and perhaps unhealthy) fast loss.

UFC 214

The California State Athletics Commission (CSAC) has gone out of its way over the last few years to combat excessive weight loss through excessive dewatering. And eliminate the problem of mixed martial arts in the latest salvo came into force last month: keep fighters close as possible to their natural weight and thus a 10-point plan designed to prevent dangerous weight reduction.

UFC 214 is the first major MMA event to work under CSAC’s new rules. For the first time, when warriors made medical doctors, they agreed not only to have the ability to fight, but also to create the weight class of their choice. The three championship opponents on the card tested their weight with CSAC over FaceTime 30 days and 10 days later. CSAC will also not license Renan Barao, who snapped and shot in 2014, to compete in the bandwidth on this card.

The commission was following steep cuts. And all the warriors who compete on Saturday are weighed again. If the weight class is more than 10 percent on combat days, CSAC strongly recommends moving to a higher weight class for the next match.

On Friday, Calif. The weighings at Cerritos were pretty good. Everyone fell in weight and subsequent CSAC some fighters – In the last match played in April, trying to find 205 pounds UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier – in balances of looked healthy.

UFC 214 CSAC executive officer Andy Foster said, “It went smoothly.” “When I was when I started to get back physically I knew how smoothly it will go. And the body looked better than I’ve ever seen. I can not say not great to say it was great. Definitely a place for improvement. But previously said they were better than I have seen in a MMA show at the top level.”

You do not have to ask questions about cutting weight with warriors, you will get some sort of answer. No one wants to lose weight, but many see it as necessary. Others prefer the government to stay away from such issues.

Tyron wet defended the UFC title victory on Saturday against Demian Maia Woodley, “for a world champion has not lost the weight, I feel like a bit unnecessary for myself,” he said. “I’ve never been there and I showed poor performance because of an issue that cuts weight. Since high school wrestling, college wrestling since I really do. I feel like I knew what they were doing, but we’re not boxers.

“Boxers are fighting very close to their weight, they spend a lot of money, then they wait three or four days, and weight problems are more of a health problem than I thought.”

Certainly, some warriors have a weight in science. Nutritionists are increasingly being used for athletes who can take them. Some warriors do not care about the interventions for health and safety, because frankly we see related mishaps that are heavily intersecting even at the highest level of the UFC.

“Many warriors do not know how to do that,” says Ricardo Lamas, who faces Jason Knight in UFC 214. “They are acting so stupid and hurt their bodies and their organs, they are good, I think they should go in. Even if they are watched through the camp, start the camp. In college, wrestling, we will take oil tests before the start of the season, get hydration tests and then tell them how low we can cut. They were all the same.

Foster said the UFC is very supportive this week and leads UFC 214, particularly to athlete health and performance vice president Jeff Novitzky and UFC doctor Jeff Davidson. The key, on the other hand, was in direct contact with the warriors and interested in themselves and their respective teams. Foster said the CSAC was probably “annoying” to the warrior in the training camps, but the coaches and their coaches were very sensitive.


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